Where We Started

It seems as though we have transformed into nothing but being digital and we eat, breath, and drink the bytes of the digital world. Even when it comes to the art of photography, we have transformed from using an actual material to produce our photos, to using a small digital device to capture our art. So, therefore the material was the actual film cartridge that had to be installed into the camera and wound up just right to be able to enable the user of the camera to capture photos, but today, all we need is a small card to store our photos on. Yet, with that said, where did our digital world begin when it comes to cameras? I found a small blog that includes photos of older model cameras and short descriptions about the cameras. I believe this small website can give my audience a small idea of where our digital age of cameras began. We are constantly improving and innovating everything in our lives, so by taking a look at the make up of the cameras and comparing them to the photo taking devices we have today will give the reader an sense of realization and hopefully appreciation of how these historical objects that provided the ability and luxury of the digital cameras we have today. http://historical-cameras.blogspot.com/


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