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Have you ever wondered about what provides us visuals on a day to day basis? As you are flipping through a magazine, you might notice a photo that you like that might attract you to a certain something. Have you ever stopped to think about how our technology of photography has evolved to enable us to be able to view photos? I wish to show how our camera and photography technology has evolved. Where did it start? Who was the first person and what was the first model of camera that was developed? Who are past and current influences upon the art of photography? What different modes of technology do and can we use to take photos?  I hope you can stay around to find out!


@shuttershock: Developed by Shuttershock Images, LLC. This twitter and website shows how our image taking technology has developed. There is a lot of photo manipulation behind the works of this production. We can now develop a photo by using a program and not even having to use a camera!

@AmazingPics Developed by Amazing Pics. This shows the magnitude of which our photography technology as evolved. There are photos using micro, macro, zoom lens, and quarter lenses to give us the high quality viewing experience.

@Flickr This website gives the user the ability to create their own online portfolio or just for personal use and enables them to share with others. In this day in age, everything is online. If you are applying for an occupation that requires an online portfolio of your images, this is the website that most employers would expect to goto. It is also a mode of realization of how our technology has evolved from paper and pencil to digital and keyboard.

@pro4oto Founded by Anton Liberant, this website and twitter recognizes new, upcoming, and past photographers and their art. It also gives the viewer the opportunity to appreciate the different kinds of technology and viewpoints of various photographers. 4

 @Photo_Pioneer This twitter roll gives its readers the opportunity to learn new tricks and trades when they are out taking photos. It can also give the readers a learning experience of how our equipment, tricks, and trades have aged and evolved over the years.

@Needimages Needimages on twitter is an international source of information and the art of photography. This source is helpful to be able to learn about the art of photography internationally and how our evolution of cameras has provided us a world wide experience.

@MagnumPhotos This twitter and website explore various photographers and their unique techniques. The photographers techniques also relate to the old way of black and white photography and using slow shutter speed. It is more difficult to capture a photo with a film camera than it is with a digital camera. This also shows how our technology of cameras and photography has evolved into something easier and great.


Blog Roll:

Davey J. (http://www.daveyj.ca/) A blog created by the photographer Davey J. He practices using long exposure techniques with his camera which allows him to create a time lapse effect within his photography. He especially practices this technique when taking photos of fireworks which causes the image to come out looking like  fiery flowers in the sky. This technique can be hard to master, yet it is a very unique practice.

Life Hacker (http://lifehacker.com/5943363/turn-a-cheap-laser-pointer-into-a-removable-macro-photography-lens-for-your-phone) An informative blog that informs readers about how to create makeshift photography equipment without having to spend a lot of money. This blog seems to be mostly mobile phone oriented and since it is easier to carry our cell phones around instead of a big clunky camera, some of the techniques and tricks described in this blog could be helpful especially if you are trying to capture a unique photo with your mobile phone in the absence of a real camera. It is also a good way to show how our camera technology has evolved from being only film to digital and now we can become photographers with our mobile devices.

Matador TV (http://matadornetwork.com/tv/how-to-build-your-own-video-equipment/) Although this blog is more related to the video side, it is still a very informative blog that shows how to create cheap makeshift equipment. It is a good way to visualize the evolution of our equipment that promotes our creativity to be able to capture that unique shot.

Will Steacy Blog: Too Tough to Die (http://willsteacy.blogspot.com/) A blog created by the young photographer, Will Steacy. He has practiced his photography techniques with larger and older film cameras as well as digital cameras. He tends to describe a narrative through images rather than text.

Profoto: The Light Shaping Company (http://www.profoto.com/blog/video/video-mary-ellen-mark-on-iconic-images/) This blog is very informative to discover other photographers out there. Mary Ellen Mark, in particular is an iconic legend who uses all different types of cameras to practice her profession. Mary practices the majority of her profession using black and white photography, which is an subconscious reminder to her viewers about what black and white photography symbolizes. Usually, when we see a black and white photograph, we think about it being dated or old. Black and white photography was the traditional mode of photography when cameras first were made, just like black and white television was developed before color television. Mary Ellen Mark takes the present day and puts in in past tense by using black and white photography, which shows the evolution of photography at the same time.


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